League and Venue Management Software Price Guide

Spawtz is an online application hosted maintained by us. The system is hosted on our servers so there is no license cost to you. Similarly, there is no setup fee. We also charge no fee to configure the system to use the existing look and feel of your website, nor do we charge a yearly support fee or a fee for system upgrades.

We bill you on a per team/per registration basis. The more registrations you have the less we charge you for each of those registrations. We bill you quarterly for all the registrations that took place in that quarter.

If each of your teams have ten players, the cost per player works out at about one pound per player per season.

We find that billing this way benefits both our customers and us. If you are having a bumper season your registration costs as a percentage of your revenue go down as we charge less for the per team registrations. If you are having a slow season, you pay us less because you have not had as many registrations. And as the system is hosted and maintained by us, all system upgrades are free and all support is free.

Setup feeFREE
Integration of existing look and feelFREE
Integration of payment gatewayFREE
Yearly supportFREE
System upgradesFREE

Costs per registration (in a three month period)
0 – 100 teams£15/team
101 – 150 teams£12/team
151 – 200 teams£10/team
201 – 250 teams£7/team
250 + teams£5/team