Spawtz Scoreboard Software Price

A license for the Spawtz Scoreboard software is 450 GBP for each arena at which you want to use the software. One license entitles you to install the software on as many pcs or laptops as you like at one physical location.

If you also use the online Spawtz control panel for updating results and statistics and you would like to have the scoreboard software automatically update those results and statistics, there is a charge of 15 GBP per month for this service.

In order to use the software for scoring netball or soccer fixtures, you will need to purchase one remote control and one receiver for each court. These remotes and receivers are sourced from South Africa, so the cost varies with the exchange rate and postage costs, but they are approximately 80 GBP per remote/receiver pair.

Bulk discounts are avaiable if you wish to purchase licenses for multiple venues. Please contact us if you wish to purchase a license or to discuss bulk discounts.

If you wish to try the software before you buy it, you can download a trial version here.