Indoor Sport Scoreboards

Indoor Sport Scoreboards

Our indoor sports scoreboard software is the most sophisticated scoreboard software available on the market. Unlike other systems, we do not require you to purchase expensive custom built hardware in order to display scores to your players. Our software allows you to use standard audiovisual equipment (computer monitors, LCD screens, plasma screens or projectors) to display scoreboards for indoor cricket, indoor netball, indoor soccer and 5-a-side football.

The use of standard computer and audiovisual equipment also allows for the scoreboard to interact with the Spawtz League and Venue Management system, allowing for automatic updates of scores, results and statistics.

The statistics that are captured, particularly for indoor cricket mean the players can get a scoresheet printed out at the end of the game, and that their online statistics are very quickly updated and always up to date – as opposed to other systems where stats can very quickly become ignored and rarely updated, or viewed.

The standard nature of the audiovisual equipment also means that you can display whatever advertising information that you choose to your players between halves or innings. And you can customise the printed scoresheets to include your logo or your sponsor’s logo or whatever you choose.

For more information about the scoreboard, please see the features section or download the demo. Or contact us if you would like further information.